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Dean + The X-Files

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Need to know like YESTERDAY…


Need to know like YESTERDAY…


Jensen singing The Boys are Back in Town.

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Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin on Posey’s Poll (x)

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Never ending list of favorite scenes  (8.21) 3/

↳ Hey, uh, little big man?

I love how Dean is trying gently and with a smile, to convince Sam to stay and rest. ‘Hey, uh, little big man' it's: 'you’re still my little brother’, but also ‘You’re a grown up and I see you like that' and those were the exact words Sam needed to hear in order let go of the case for a little while and just rest. 

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THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE  |  itsokaysammy vs. jaypadaleckis
Round 1 favorite character + favorite episode
 | dean winchester + pac-man fever

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Big brother Jensen (x)

He probably regretted moving the chair as soon as he saw Jared attempting to get it back. 

This was my favorite moment of the con to be honest. There are moments when Jensen and Jared just fall away and how they feel about each other as friends and brothers really comes through. Sometime’s its an admiring look or a hug, and here it’s concern for a hurt shoulder.

As an aside, Jensen’s love for Thomas, is a total reflection on how much he loves Jared, and his pride at being so important to that kid shined so bright it nearly blinding. 

Jensen and Jared’s friendship is so genuine, and I don’t understand how anyone can doubt what they mean to each other. 

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어젠가..모바일로 올리다가 장렬히 실패하여 다시 올려보는.

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